Classify a collection

Classify a collection of things.

Classify means to sort objects into groups according to properties that they have in common. We can classify objects by color, shape, size, luster, or any other property. Scientists classify things in nature to better understand how they are related.

Do you have a collection of anything? Maybe you have a collection of stuffed animals or cars or seashells. If you don’t have a collection, you can use anything you have a lot of like candies, coins, building blocks or even socks.

Look at the objects in your collection. What different properties do you see? Classify the objects in your collection by sorting them into groups. How many different groups did you make? What properties did you use to make your groups? Can you mix them back together and classify them in a different way? Tell us how you classified your collection in the comments below!

Mussels, Marine Gastropods, Meeresbewohner, Sea Animals

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