Can You Repeat That?

Course 3 of 6 in Good Science Series

Smart Peg Lab


Being able to repeat an experiment is an important part of good science. Learn the key properties that make an investigation repeatable. Make your own repeatable secret messages, dough sculptures, and even cookies!

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By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

» identify features that make an investigation repeatable

» explain why repeatability is important in science

» repeat an investigation with accuracy and precision

Supplies Needed:

» science journal

» pencil

» white paper

» white crayon

» watercolor paints

» paint brush

» cotton swabs

» lemon juice

» hair dryer

» baking soda

» water

» grape juice

» cups

» 3 containers modeling dough

» ruler

» kitchen scale

» cookie making supplies

Suggested Pacing:

Day 1 –  Getting Started and gather the Supplies Needed
Day 2 –
The Investigation a – b
Day 3 –
The Investigation c
Day 4 –
The Investigation d – e
Day 5 –
What’s Next?

NGSS Standards:

Science & Engineering Practices (SEP)

» Planning and Carrying Out Investigations (Grades K-2, 3-5 and MS)

  • Before starting this course you must complete the required prerequisite course: Smart Peg Safety