Data Detective

Course 3 of 6 in Becoming a Smart Peg Scientist Series

Smart Peg Lab


A great data detective needs to know how to turn observations into data. Learn how to collect and record data in different ways. Put your data detective skills to work to find clues, piece them together, and reveal the patterns that Detective Panda needs to solve a crime.

Course Information


By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

» collect and record data in multiple ways

» use and share pictures, writings and/or recordings of data

» choose appropriate recording methods for the type of data needed

Supplies Needed:

» pencil or pen

» paper or journal

» colored pencils, markers or crayons

» photo and video camera

» voice recorder

Suggested Pacing:

Day 1 –  Getting Started and gather the Supplies Needed
Day 2 –
The Investigation a – b
Day 3 –
The Investigation c
Day 4 –
The Investigation d – e and f (part 1)
Day 5 –
The Investigation f (part 2) and What’s Next?

NGSS Standards:

Science & Engineering Practices (SEP)

» Planning and Carrying Out Investigations (Grades K-2, 3-5 and MS)

  • Before starting this course you must complete the required prerequisite course: Smart Peg Safety