Ice Cream Investigation

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Get the inside scoop! Make delicious homemade ice cream AND earn your Good Science badge! To unlock this course, complete all 5 of the other courses in the Good Science series.

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By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

» use tools to make accurate and precise measurements

» carry out an investigation to test a prediction

» evaluate whether an investigation’s results are repeatable

» identify variables that could cause unexpected effects in an investigation

Supplies needed:

» science journal

» pencil

» sheet of paper

» kitchen scale

» measuring cups and spoons

» half-and-half

» sugar

» vanilla extract

» rock (ice cream) salt

» ice cubes

» gallon- and quart-size resealable plastic bags

» timer

» oven mitts

» kitchen towel

Suggested Pacing:

Day 1 –  Getting Started and gather the Supplies Needed

Day 2 – The Investigation a – b

Day 3 – The Investigation c – d

Day 4 – The Investigation e – f

Day 5 – What’s Next?

NGSS Standards:

Science & Engineering Practices (SEP)

» Planning and Carrying Out Investigations (Grades K-2, 3-5 and MS)

  • Before starting this course you must complete the required prerequisite course: Smart Peg Safety