How fast is that bug?

How fast do you think bugs move?

Do you think a bug can travel all the way across your yard in an hour? Let’s find out!

Do this experiment and then share your results with us in the comments!

You need:  a timer, ruler or tape measure, 2 pencils, and a calculator.

1 – Take your supplies outside. Find a bug that looks like it is walking in a mostly straight line.

2 – Set the timer for 1 minute.

3 – Place one pencil down where the bug is now. This marks the starting line.

4 – Start the timer and watch the bug for one minute. When the timer goes off, place the other pencil down where the bug is then. This marks the finish line.

5 – Measure the distance between the two pencils in centimeters. This is the bug’s speed in centimeters per minute.

6 – Multiply your bug’s speed by 60. This new number is the bug’s speed in centimeters per hour.

If the bug keeps going in a straight line, where will it be in one hour? Will it still be in your yard?

Do the experiment again to see if the bug is still moving at the same speed. Or find another bug and do the experiment again to see which bug is faster!

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