Nature Journals

What are Nature Journals?


Make a Map

Create a map of a large area or a small feature. Start by looking at the geography of the place ...
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Zoom In, Zoom Out

Choose a subject for your nature journal and prepare to zoom your observations in and out as you change your ...
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Letter R

Today, think of some things that start with the letter R that could be the focus of a nature investigation ...
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Cross Sections

A cross section is a side-view picture that you would see if you cut through something. This picture shows a ...
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Focus on an Individual

Today, focus on an individual. (Individual means one.) Find an individual organism and get to know it as well as ...
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For Parents & Teachers...


Nature Journals encourage children to observe, think, question, write and draw about things in their environment. Learning to notice, record and analyze natural phenomena and patterns are important skills that promote both writing and critical thinking development. Teaching children to use their Nature Journal often empowers children to slow down and draw their own conclusions about what is going on in the world around them.

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