Nature Journals Sample Lesson

This is a sample Nature Journals activity.

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Nature Journals
Letter S

Today, think of some things that start with the letter S that could be the focus of a nature investigation where you live.


Here are some examples:
stars, snail, seasons, things that are squishy or small

Go outside, look around and choose one of the things from your list.

• Spend some time sketching pictures of your letter S item in your nature journal.

On your journal page, make sure to include location information. WHERE did you find it?

Include some timing information. What season is it? What time of day?

Here’s an example: A shiny star sparkles above the sea on a hot summer night. 

If you can, add some of the actual items into your journal (like a small shiny shell glued to a page of your journal).


Would you like to share your nature investigation with other Smart Pegs? Take a photo or a short video of your journal entry and add it to the comments section!

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