Secret messages

What’s the best way to write a secret message?

Let’s find out! Choose 2 or more of the methods below and test how well they work. Show us your results in the comments below! Which method do you think works best?

You need: paper, a white crayon, watercolor paints, paint brush, cotton swabs, lemon juice, hair dryer, baking soda, water, grape juice, cups

Method 1: Use a white crayon to write a message on a piece of paper. Paint over the paper with watercolor paints to reveal the message.

Method 2: Dip a cotton swab in lemon juice and use it to write a message on a piece of paper. When you are ready to read your secret message or show it to someone else, heat the paper by holding it close to a light bulb or using a hair dryer on the hot setting.

Method 3: Measure equal parts of baking soda and water into a cup. Stir until the baking soda and water are completely mixed. Dip a cotton swab in the mixture and then, pressing firmly, write a message on a piece of paper. Let the message dry completely. Pour some grape juice into a separate cup. When the paper is dry, dip a new cotton swab in the grape juice and rub it across your message. The hidden message should begin to reveal itself.

Method 4: Research some other secret message solutions and test them out!Secret, Hidden, Message, Message On Paper, Paper

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