Shiny pennies

What’s the best way to make a dirty penny shine?

Find three pennies. The dirtier the better! Describe what the pennies look like.

Then, do this experiment to find out which liquid will make a dirty penny shine the best.

You need: 3 pennies, 2 small cups, vinegar or lemon juice, and liquid soap or laundry detergent.

1 – Put one penny in a cup. Pour enough vinegar (or lemon juice) into the cup to cover the penny.

2 – Put one penny in the other cup. Pour enough liquid soap (or laundry detergent) into the cup to cover the penny.

3 – Leave the third penny alone.

4 – Wait at least ten minutes.

5 – Remove the pennies from the cups. Rinse them with water and rub them with a paper towel.

6 – Compare all three pennies. Which one is the shiniest? Share your results with us in the comments!

Can you think of any other liquids to test? Get permission and give them a try. Can you find a liquid that cleans even better than the ones you already tested?

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