What’s that smell?

Test your sense of smell.

Your sense of smell gives your brain information about the world around you. Let’s see how strong your sense of smell is!

Ask a parent or sibling to choose 3-5 similar foods to test your sense of smell. The foods could all be fruits, cereals, drinks, or something else. To make it easier, ask them to tell you the names of the foods they picked. To make it more challenging, ask them to only tell you the type of food but not what each food is.

Use a blindfold or just close your eyes really tight. Ask your parent or sibling to hold each food under your nose one at a time in a random order. No peeking! How many of the foods can you guess correctly? Which food was the easiest to guess? Which was the most difficult? Share your results in the comments below!Dog, Nose, Snout, Animal, Head, Eyes, Pet, Close Up

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