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STEAM Books for Kids

STEAM Shorts: Short Activities BIG on Science

35+ STEAM activities in one handy take-anywhere, do-anytime science activity book

This science workbook is full of engaging, fun, hands-on prompts and challenges that kids can do themselves. Written in kid-friendly language and ready to use, with age-appropriate projects perfect for kids at any experience and knowledge level.

STEAM Shorts use everyday materials and require little to no prep work. STEAM activities encourage kids to experiment and ask questions, to use mistakes as a tool for learning, and to be lifelong problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Written for kids, not grown-ups. This book is designed by teachers and parents of diverse learners who know the value of simple, fun activities that spark curiosity and creativity. Each educational activity has clear directions and explanations developed just for kids. This STEAM workbook is great for home or classroom and supports Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Every scientist needs a great journal.

Check out our Science Journal — it’s the perfect place to track all of your explorations!

This science journal is the perfect notebook for students’ design and investigation needs. It has plenty of room inside for drawing, journaling, writing notes, list-making, graphing, brainstorming, scientific analysis, recording questions, data, creative ideas, and much more. Kids will love having an ongoing record of all of their STEM and STEAM explorations!

A handy information section helps students get started, including a safe scientist page, a guide to help plan and organize investigations (scientific method), and a scientific inquiry flowchart showing the steps scientists use. Brain Space pages provide room to document problems, questions, ideas, and interests that spark inquiry.

With three different types of journal pages, kids have plenty of room to record designs, projects, and experiments. Lined pages are great for plans, lists, and investigation steps. Blank pages allow space for sketches, diagrams, and charts. Grid pages are ideal for graphs, scale drawings, and data tables.

Digital STEAM Activities

Word Builders

Play, decode and build vocabulary with STEAM-focused word parts

STEAM Shorts

Explore, imagine and innovate with short activities BIG on STEAM

STEAM Journals

Open-ended STEAM prompts that spark curiosity, creativity and fun

STEAM Readers

Imagine, discuss and get lost in exploration with STEAM-themed books

STEAM 4-in-1 Bundle

Get all of our STEAM Activities for 10 weeks at one affordable price

Science Camp

The perfect blend of digital and hands-on STEAM activities to engage, grow and challenge the whole family

STEAM + Science Camp

The absolute best deal on 10 weeks of STEAM Activities and Science Camp