Smart Peg Safety

Course 1 of 6 in Becoming a Smart Peg Scientist Series

Smart Peg Lab


But first…SAFETY! Learn how a Smart Peg course works and learn the 7 safety rules that apply to all courses in the Smart Peg Lab. Complete this course to unlock the rest of the awesomeness waiting in The Lab!

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

» efficiently navigate through a course in The Lab

» identify the 7 standard safety rules used in The Lab

» apply appropriate safety rules to future courses in The Lab

Supplies Needed:

» video recorder or voice recorder or paper/posterboard with art supplies

» printer optional

Suggested Pacing:

Day 1 –  Getting Started and gather the Supplies Needed
Day 2 –
The Investigation a – e
Day 3 –
The Investigation f – h and i (part 1)
Day 4 –
The Investigation i (part 2) and j
Day 5 –
The Investigation k – l and What’s Next?

NGSS Standards:

Science & Engineering Practices (SEP)

» Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information (Grades K-2, 3-5 and MS)