Soap and germs model

Try this soap and germs model.

A model represents something in the real world. Scientists use models to study things they can’t easily see or touch.

Germs are things like bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. We can’t see germs without a super strong microscope, so let’s make a model to learn about them!

Do this experiment and then share your thoughts with us in the comments!

You need: a bowl of water, some ground pepper, and hand soap.

1 – Put about 5 shakes of pepper into the bowl of water. The pepper represents germs and the water represents your skin.

2 – In the middle of the bowl, gently stick your finger in the water. Hold your finger in the water for a few seconds and then pull it back out. Did you notice anything happen?

3 – Rub a drop of soap onto your finger. Make a prediction: What do you think will happen if you stick your finger in the water now?

4 – Gently stick your finger in the water again. Was your prediction right?

5 – Answer the question: How does this model represent what happens with soap and germs?

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