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Lewis and Clark and Me + The Captain’s Dog

Authors: Laurie Meyers / Roland Smith Read both books and compare: Both books describe the Corp of Discovery’s journey from ...
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The Captain’s Dog

Author: Roland Smith Think as you read: The author of this book says this story is not written in first ...
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Follow the Moon Home + Hoot

Authors: Philippe Cousteau & Deborah Hopkinson / Carl Hiaasen Read both books and compare: Describe how the main characters in ...
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Author: Carl Hiaasen Think as you read: The Environmental Impact Statement is missing from the Mother Paula’s file at City ...
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My Side of the Mountain + Downriver

Authors: Jean Craighead George / Will Hobbs Read both books and compare: What qualities do the main characters of both ...
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Readers’ Club engages teens in reading, thinking and talking about science. Learning to analyze and discuss different types of texts are important language skills that promote both reading comprehension and exploration of a variety of science concepts. Encouraging teens to participate in Readers’ Club empowers teens to investigate a broad range of fascinating books and science topics.

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